Brittany & Jamie – September 26, 2015

We have such fond memories of all our weddings and each stands in our hearts as a brilliant gem of its own. Like snowflakes, each is different and we endeavor to capture each unique sparkle. Brittany and Jamie’s wedding was no exception. This was the day for street scenes, with the pretty lighting, the couple holding hands and running across the street, people calling out congratulatory messages, passersby taking pictures. It gave us a feeling that we were at a celebrity wedding, and with this gorgeous couple in the centre of it all, it was easy to imagine it being one. It was hard to set the camera down for fear of missing a glance, or look or a helpful hand from the overwhelmingly supportive friends and family. Sarah and I were especially honored to be a part of this very special day, for these very special friends and their families.

Sarah & Ryan – July 18th, 2015

Last week, we had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a truly remarkable couple. Although a bridal party of 24 people can be daunting for some, we were touched by the level of devotion they showed Sarah and Ryan.  It was obvious that this was an extension of the love and support that surrounds them every single day.

Although the day began with clouds and gray, the sun came out for a touch of brilliance at the most perfect time, allowing for a collection of photos that were breathtaking.  Their families and wedding party showcased their love through a musical tribute that can only be described as moving and they provided the most amazing backdrop of soft, emotional splendor with their beautiful words and deeds. Thank you Sarah and Ryan for allowing Hilary and I to witness what true love really is.

Katie & Doug – July 4, 2015

Picture a scene where the strings are playing, the water is calm, the temperature is balmy, and the air has that feel of a perfect mid summer Californian evening. That is just what Katie and Doug were fortunate enough to experience for their wedding day ceremony and reception.  The ambiance was so beautiful as friends and family gathered at waters edge at a private club on Lake Banook, to witness the exchange of vows. Their messages to each other were so kind and loving that many an eye glistened with happy tears.  This gorgeous couple have studied hard, are accomplished in their careers and now they begin their life together. What a beautiful start to their journey.

Haley & Landon – September 20, 2014

Every LOVE STORY is Beautiful, But OURS is my Favorite. These were the words written on the blackboard at Haley and Landon’s wedding reception. Truly a beautiful love story and what a picture perfect day for the precious couple, a wedding set against the backdrop of the jewel of a town that is Parrsboro. Sarah and I were able to experience all the different aspects of this love story, the warmth shown in the homes, the shoes that Haley’s grandmother had given her as a gift, the beautifully decorated golf course, the carefully prepared food, the sweetest expressions on the faces of the guests. Haley and Landon, and their wedding party were so much fun to photograph, as they were always game to run along hilltops and beaches, always smiling and having fun. It was such a pleasure for us to be able to add another page to this very special love story.

Travis & Katie – August 16 , 2014

It’s not very often that you have the chance to photograph the weddings of three siblings, but we have had the pleasure to do just that, for the Ryans. We are now feeling like part of this special family! One of our favorite moments for this wedding was the first look. Katie and Travis had said that they wanted to arrange such a moment, and after scouting out the area we found a perfect spot, a private area just behind their church. It was totally amazing. Travis was blindfolded and Katie came up to join him. There was so much beauty, so much love, such endearing looks, smiles and embraces, that our cheeks glistened with tears. Another favorite was their sweet little nieces walking down the aisle. From the first time we saw them in the morning, until the dance at night, their little faces and presence added so much to this beautiful day. Katie and Travis had a wonderful time using Halifax as a backdrop to some amazing pictures and then amidst all kinds of congratulatory messages, they boarded the ferry to go to the revered Historic Properties in Halifax. Such a sweet journey. One common thread throughout these family weddings was the incredibly heartfelt and thoughtful speeches. Speakers delivered words carefully chosen to make you laugh, cry and contemplate all at the same time. Working with Katie and Ryan was a dream and we loved every moment of their day.